Peak Performance Mobile Veterinary

Fayetteville, NC
Spring Lake, NC 28390


What services does a mobile veterinarian offer?

Our mobile veterinary practice provides preventative care with low cost dog and cat vaccine events as well as convenient home visits and equine farm calls. We also offer acupuncture for dogs, cats and horses, animal chiropractic for dogs and cats, peaceful at home euthanasia and general health exams. 

What is your service area?

Our mobile vet provides veterinary care in Fayetteville NC, Southern Pines NC, Sanford NC, Fort Bragg NC and the surrounding Sandhills area. We service roughly a 1 hour radius from Spring Lake, NC. We strive to provide the best mobile veterinarian in the area because pets are family!

What services are not available?

We do not offer anesthetic procedures including surgery or dentals, hospitalization, or xrays. We partner with local brick and mortar practices to offer these services since they have the facilities to provide there services

Does my dog or cat need to be on heartworm prevention?

We recommend heartworm prevention for all dogs and cats in this area of North Carolina. There is a very high prevalence of disease in this area and it is spread by mosquitoes. Even indoor pets are at risk because we have ALL had a mosquito in our home.

Why should I have a veterinarian vaccinate my pet?

When we vaccinate your dog, cat or horse we also provide a brief exam that can detect potentially life threatening issues such as heart disease. We also provide vaccine guarantee that means up to $5,000 can be provided for diagnostics in treatment in the rare event that your pet's immune system fails to mount the correct response to vaccines we provide. If you self vaccinate there is no way to know if the vaccine was shipped or stored correctly and there is zero vaccine warranty. 

Can aggressive pets be seen at mobile events or house calls?

For safety, please do not bring pets that are aggressive that you cannot control to a mobile events due to risk for other pets or people. For a home visit, please contact us and let us know the nature of the issue so we can determine if a home visit appointment can be scheduled. 

Do you offer 3 yr vaccines?

Yes, we do offer 3 yr vaccines for rabies, distemper/parvo, FVRCP and 2 yr Feline Leukemia vaccine. Please contact us for eligibility or bring your records with you to a mobile event so we can evaluate. 

Do you offer FAVN rabies titer testing and health certificates?

Yes, we offer FAVN rabies titer testing for pets that are being shipped out of the country. We also provide health certificates for folks moving within the United Sates as well as out of country including Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Germany and other countries. 

Why do you have a mobile practice instead of a physical location?

Dr. Commerford enjoys being able to provide convenient, compassionate in home veterinarian services because it is much less stressful to pets and much more convenient for their pet parents. No one enjoys spending time in a waiting room and many people lead busy lives and scheduling a time to travel to the vet, wait, and travel home can be tough. Due to the amount of time it requires to travel from home to home we see a lot less patients in a day than a brick and mortar facility which means we can get to know our clients and their pets on an individual basis. In order to make veterinary wellness care affordable for dogs and cats she also provides low cost pet vaccine events for low cost shots, heartworm testing, heartworm prevention, microchips and more. This option allows pet owners to receive care when it fits their schedule, at an affordable cost and by a locally owned and operated practice. 

What are the Fort Bragg Veterinary Treatment Facility VTF pet requirements?

To comply with regulations for a pet to be housed on Ft Bragg the following is required. These requirements are so that disease can be kept to a minimum and so if your pet should escape containment and is picked up by the MP they are able to scan your pet to know where they came from so you can be reunited. 

1. Microchip 2. Heartworm test 3. Fecal float to check for intestinal parasites 4. Rabies vaccine 5. DHPP (dogs) or RCP (cats)

We can complete all of these tasks for you at our mobile events or convenient home visits. Then all you need to do is drop off or email the records we provide you to the Fort Bragg Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) so they can get your registered. These tasks need to be completed within 30 days of moving on post. Please have a fresh fecal sample available- please note we only need a small amount- roughly a hershey sized kiss amount of sample. 

Microchip identification

We recommend microchip implantation for all dogs, cats and horses that we see. This is a form of permanent identification so if your pet should become lost they can be scanned to see their families contact information. Most people that have a pet get lost NEVER thought their pet would ever be loose. Pets are pets- sometimes a horse may be spooked, a tree could fall on a fence, someone could leave a fence gate open in the backyard, a cat could dart out the front door etc. Most found pets are NOT microchipped and their chances of being reunited with their people are much slimmer than if they were microchipped. Additionally, for folks that could move/ PCS to places such as Hawaii or Japan a microchip is required prior to doing the export FAVN rabies titer testing so having a microchip in place makes that process smoother. The microchip is inserted with a needle and is very quick and easy- it takes less than 10 seconds for us to place a microchip. There is no cost to update your information as often as you need to based on changing addresses or phone numbers. The minimum age we recommend for microchip placement is 8 weeks.