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Mobile Equine Vet Care

We provide mobile veterinary wellness care for horses including vaccinations, coggins testing, health certificates, microchip placement, equine dentistry, equine chiropractic, equine veterinary acupuncture, equine herbal therapy, and much more. We service Cumberland, Moore, Hoke, Lee and Harnett Counties.


  • Equine Annual Exam Wellness Package with dental $275
    • Includes annual physical exam, EWT, WNV, Rabies, Digital Coggins, Fecal egg count, Dental Exam with routine dental float and light standing sedation for dental exam*
  • Equine Annual Exam Wellness Package without dental $160
    • Includes annual physical exam, EWT, WNV, Rabies, Digital Coggins, and Fecal egg count
  • Wellness package options
    • You can add additional services to any package, including Flu/Rhino vaccination, basic blood profile (CBC and Chemistry panel), Equine Cushing’s Screening (ACTH + insulin)
  • Vaccinations- complete recommendations will be made based on the individual horse
    • EWT + WNV- provides protection against EEE, EWW, Tetanus and WNV. This is recommended for ALL horses since 3 of th 4 diseases are spread by mosquitoes and tetanus is found in the environement. This means that even if your horse never leaves your property he/she is still at risk for these diseases. Due to the high prevalence of these diseases in NC, we recommend semi-annual vaccination for optimal protection. $43
    • Equine rabies- recommended for ALL horses. Rabies is transmitted through bite wounds, is fatal and can be spread from infected horses to their handlers. Some of the bite wounds can be so small that they are never noticed. Recommended annually. $20
    • Flu/rhino- recommended for horses that travel off the property, live on a boarding farm, share fencelines with neighboring properties that have horses or live on a property where other horses haul in. These diseases are spread by respiratory secretions. $33
    • Why should I have a horse vet vaccinate my horse? When vaccinations are administered by a veterinarian they come with an Eqine Immunization Support Guarantee from the manufacturer. This is ONLY offered when the vaccines are administered by a veterinarian. This means that if you horse should display signs consistent with a disease for which he/she has been properly vaccinated the cost for testing and treatment would be covered by this program. This also provides coverage if your horse has an adverse event to the vaccines such as soreness or fever. While these situations are uncommon, we see this as a free insurance policy! Please see the following for more information.
  • Coggins/ equine infectious anemia testing. We utilize digital coggins forms which means you can save a copy in your email or on your phone to access anytime, anywhere!
    • $35
  • Fecal egg count screening to design and manage parasite control program. Please see the following article written by Dr. Commerford when she was a veterinary student regarding the importance of fecal in a parasite control program. $25
  • Equine dental exam and routine float $90 plus sedation
  • Microchip + placement $35
    • We recommend this for ALL horses as it serves as a form of permanent identification which can be useful for stolen horses, horses lost in natural disasters, confirming identity of the horse you are purchasing and can be useful in proving ownership.
  • Veterinary spinal manipulation (equine chiropractic)
    • $125 initial visit includes brief exam
    • $100 follow up appointment (within 3 months)
  • Equine veterinary acupuncture
    • $125 initial visit includes brief exam
    • $100 follow up appointment (within 3 months)
  • Exam fees vary based on length of time required.

All prices reflect our 5% cash payment discount. We also accept Visa, Mastercard and debit card. Due to our small practice size we are unable to offering financing to clients and thus payment is required in full at the time service is rendered. We provide horse veterinary care to the greater Sandhills region including Aberdeen, Cameron, Carthage, Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Lillington, Pinehurst, Raeford, Sanford, Spring Lake, Southern Pines, Vass, Whispering Pines and West End, NC. 

*Dental sedation includes initial sedation. For patients requiring additional sedation extra fees may apply. Dental float includes correction of minor dental abnormalities. It doe not include extractions or periodontal treatment.

We treat your pets with the same careful consideration and compassion as our own.— Dr. Commerford